Optic Nerve Art Corporation is an Art, Design and Theming company founded in 1994 and based in Columbus Ohio.
We produce and design a variety of scenic elements including :
2d design elements including murals, specialty finishes, graphics
3d elements including signage, displays, sculpture, and props
Exhibits and themed spaces
We produce work in house or on location. We provide both production and installation services.
We work throughout the country with a diverse array of clients.
Our clients include Design Firms, Architects, Zoos, Museums, Exhibit Houses and many major corporations throughout the country.
We use a combination of modern tools and technology combined with with emphasis towards hands on attention in our production and craftsmanship.
We work in a wide range of styles. Our work can fit whatever style or aesthetic our clients need.
Our clients rely on us to problem solve creative production of artistic pieces and also come up with a method and great final product that fits the budget and still looks great.
*Our staff includes a talented team of artists, craftsmen and designers with diverse skill sets.
Our years of experience and diversity of skills provide us with the ability to produce your artistic visions and concepts.

We Are Here To Help With Any of Your Needs