Optic Nerve Art Corporation Current Production Capabilities Include:
2 Dimensional-
Hand Painted Mural Art and Paintings in Various Styles, Custom Specialty Finishes including Wood Grains, Marbles, Stone, Venetian
Plaster and Various Textured Techniques, and any Custom Faux Finishes Desired. Gold Leaf Techniques, Metallic and Pearlescents,
Custom Handmade Wallcoverings Produced on Paper or Canvas, Scenic Painting, Hand Painted Vintage Signage,
Digital Printed Signage, Murals, and Wallcovering.
Materials We Paint With: Artists Acrylics, Latex, Casein and various Water based Mediums, Oil Paint,
Shellac, Lacquer, Epoxy, Various Industrial Paints.

3 Dimensional-
Sculptures, Themed Dimensional Art, Themed Spaces and Environments, Interactive Exhibits Exhibits, A Variety of Faux Trees,
Foliage, Rock formations, Dioramas, Dimensional Signage
Sculptural Materials We Work With Include: Epoxies and Sculpting Clays, Concrete, Plaster Products, Clayshay, Casting resins,
Expanding Urethane Foams, Eps Foam, HDU Foam, Fiberglass, Styrocoat, Silicone and Urethane Mold Making Materials,
Wood, Wood Composites, Plexiglass and Various Plastics, Traditional Signage and Exhibit Materials.

Additional Studio Capabilities and Skills:
CNC Cutting, Laser Engraving and Cutting, Light Welding and Metal Work , Wood Shop and Carpentry, 3d Printing, Installation,
-Design and Illustration, Hand Sketch and Computer Assisted Art, Design, and Layout, Concept and Idea Development,

We Are Here To Help With Any of Your Needs